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COURSE136-001 - Health and Human Services Access I

Credits Non Credit
To Apply, Contact: Check with Registrars Office for Locations
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Phone: (867) 872-7509
Hours 60
Delivery Method Classroom
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In this course students will develop an awareness of the field of Health and Human Services. This overview will include an introduction to the various social issues dealt with by northern health and human services professionals. These social issues will include: inter-generational grieving and abuse issues; chemical and process addictions; poverty and inadequate resources; cultural and social dislocation; post-traumatic stress symptoms; residential school abuse trauma; and, identity loss. Professional ethics and skills will be also introduced. All course content will reflect northern cultural diversity. Students will gain an awareness, understanding and respect for Aboriginal, Inuit and non-Aboriginal cultures and traditions. The importance of working effectively in a team environment will be stressed.
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