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COURSE263-012 - Medical Interpreting for the Community Health Worker

Credits 3
To Apply, Contact: Check with Registrars Office for Locations
Registrar's Office
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Phone: (867) 872-7509
Hours 45
Delivery Method Classroom
Course Contact
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Check with Registrars Office for Locations

This course will focus on the development and refinement of skills required for the CHW to perform complete, accurate, effective and culturally-sensitive interpretation between Dene K’çç (South Slavey) and English. The student will learn the differences between interpreting for others who are trying to communicate with each other, and conveying information on his/her own when participating in the dialogue. S/he will learn to effectively manage the communication process by controlling the flow of information, actively listening, requesting clarification, paraphrasing the message, and conveying the message in the most appropriate manner. The student will also learn to present information in a way that the listener will understand, confirm that the listener understands, and seek assistance when a patient/client asks questions that the CHW cannot or should not answer. S/he will learn how to deal with dialect differences, find accurate translations for unfamiliar words and specialized terminology, identify and utilize resources for ongoing research, and create a system for keeping track of new and specialised terms. The student will develop basic literacy skills in South Slavey or improve existing skills.
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