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CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE002-701 - Effective Preparation and Start-up of Projects (HAY RIVER)

Credits Non Credit
To Apply, Contact: Thebacha Campus - Fort Smith
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-266-4966
Phone: (867) 872-7500
Fax: (867) 872-4511
Hours 6
Delivery Method Continuing Education
Course Contact
Instructor Janet Dean. TangleTree Enterprises
Start Date Apr 12, 2018 Start Time 9:00 AM
End Date Apr 12, 2018 End Time 4:00 PM
Cost $300.00
Delivery Location
Thebacha Campus - Fort Smith
  Hay River

Effective initiation processes are key to launching effective projects. This course explores specific tips and strategies you can implement during the preparation and start up phases. In this one-day course, you will learn:

  • An overview of approaches, methods, and instruments for the initiation
  • Selecting methods and instruments that fit your project
  • Actively involving others in the analysis and planning of the project
  • The role of a project facilitator
  • The effect of different leadership styles and training tools and tricks
  • Creating, editing and updating a project handbook
  • How projects should be launched, by applying adjusted versions of workshops, facilitation, handbooks, and other guidelines used by others (best practices)
  • Implementing the course ideas into your own organization/project
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