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CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE000-000 - Mindset Tools for Improving Work Relationships

Credits Non Credit
To Apply, Contact: Yellowknife North Slave Campus - Yellowknife
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-291-4866
Phone: (867) 920-3030
Fax: (867) 873-0333
Karen Horn, Coordinator, Continuing Education, Yellowknife/North Slave Campus
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-291-4866
Phone: (867) 920-8802
Fax: (867) 873-0333
Hours 6
Delivery Method Classroom
Course Contact
Instructor Simone Goudreau
Start Date Jan 16, 2018 Start Time 9:00 a.m.
End Date Jan 16, 2018 End Time 4:00 p.m.
Cost $300.00
Delivery Location
Yellowknife North Slave Campus - Yellowknife
Karen Horn, Coordinator, Continuing Education, Yellowknife/North Slave Campus

 Are you frustrated with the “supervise others” part of your job description?

Are you easily annoyed by your supervisor, co-workers, clients or customers?

Are you wanting to enhance your capacity to effectively lead others?


Whether you are in a supervisory role or not, your relationships with people at work matter.  If your work relationships are not going well, this can seriously impact your well-being, productivity and happiness both professionally and personally.


This course puts you in the driver’s seat by exploring how your mindset plays a big role in determining the quality of your relationships at work.


If you’re tired of complaining to your co-workers, your friends or your spouse and you're ready to learn some tools to create change in your relationships, this course will give you a useful foundation. 




In this course, you will:

·       Learn the default mindset that you operate from

·       Determine whether or not this mindset is serving you and your relationships

·       Discover the mindset that will reliably lead to more positive results and enhanced well-being in general in your life

·       Explore how this mindset can positively impact your relationships – both at work and at home

·       Learn tools to help you choose this life-enhancing mindset, moment by moment


In this one-day, highly interactive course, you will explore and practice these skills through a combination of group discussions, self-reflection, videos and hands-on practice. 




Simone Goudreau is Yellowknife-based career + life coach and workshop facilitator who works with clients privately by phone or from her office at the Gaia Integrative Clinic.  She also works with small groups, leading them through her change process. 

Simone facilitates training for Aurora College’s Northern Leadership Development Program + Continuing Education Programs, and for various other organizations. 

No matter who her audience is, Simone’s focus is always on helping people become more empowered to create meaningful change in their personal and professional lives by learning how to follow their inner guidance system.

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