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CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE002-340 - Reading and Analyzing Financial Statements (Aurora Campus)

Credits Non Credit
To Apply, Contact: Aurora Campus - Inuvik
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-287-2655
Phone: (867) 777-7800
Fax: (867) 777-2850
Hours 0
Delivery Method Classroom
Course Contact
Instructor Heather Lyon, FirstStart Planning Ltd.
Start Date Dec 13, 2012 Start Time 9:00am
End Date Dec 14, 2012 End Time 5:00pm
Cost $375.00
Delivery Location
Aurora Campus - Inuvik

This workshop goes through the sections of basic financial statements including balance sheets, income statements and supporting documents to give you a thorough understanding of the information they contain.  You will learn how to use common ratios used by lenders and investors to determine the health of your business, as well as ways to thoroughly analyze the information contained in the statements.  This will allow you to manage your business through better use of your financial statements.
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