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PROGRAM086 - Social Work Access

Department School of Health & Human Services
To Apply, Contact: Yellowknife North Slave Campus - Yellowknife
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-291-4866
Phone: (867) 920-3030
Fax: (867) 873-0333
Delivery Method Classroom
Program Contact
Program Duration 10 months
Start Date
End Date
Credential Academic Upgrading / Access Programs
Delivery Location
Yellowknife North Slave Campus - Yellowknife

The Social Work Access Program year is for students who would like to work in the Social Work field and require additional academic preparation necessary for the rigors of College-level studies. In addition, opportunities for personal reflection and growth are considered integral to the preparation process. Program courses include English, Math, Personal Development, Computers, Introduction to Social Work, Psychology and Sociology. Each of the courses will include content relevant to Northern Social Work. Upon successful completion of the access year, students may apply to enter the Social Work Diploma Program or other Human Service Programs.
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