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PROGRAM093 - Trades Access

Department School of Trades, Apprenticeship, & Industrial Training
To Apply, Contact: Thebacha Campus - Fort Smith
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-266-4966
Phone: (867) 872-7500
Fax: (867) 872-4511
Delivery Method Classroom
Program Contact
Program Duration
Start Date
End Date
Credential Academic Upgrading / Access Programs
Delivery Location
Thebacha Campus - Fort Smith
  Fort Providence
  Hay River Dene Reserve - Sunrise Learning Centre (Xatl'odehchee)

The Trades Access Program intends to prepare the student for entry into trades related programs. The student will gain a foundation in physical science. She/ he will have the opportunity to improve their skills in communications and technical mathematics.

This is a twenty to twenty-six week program when the four core courses are delivered. The program can be lengthened by offering other appropriate electives. These additional electives will enhance the program and may provide the student with the necessary skills to challenge the St. John’s Ambulance Standard First Aid Certificate, training for a class five driver’s license and the Trades Entrance Exam.

This program is designed to be flexible to ensure that individualized programming will meet the students’
needsn not only in Math, English and Science, but may also include First Aid, occupational health and safety, driver’s education and computer skills training. It also provides the opportunity to extend the program delivery time to accommodate students entering the program with academic levels lower than the recommended ABE levels.

Potential employers of the student completing the Trades Access Program must realize that the course is intended to be an introduction to the working industry.  Because proficiency can only be attained through an apprenticeship program, students are provided with all the necessary information, guidance, and incentives to pursue the trade of his/her choice.
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