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Aurora Campus Accommodations

Aurora Campus offers housing for single students and those with families. Where you stay depends on the length of your course, family size and current housing availability. Family housing is provided in furnished three bedroom row houses close to campus. Residence style single student accommodations are located across from the Main Campus Building.

The rates for accommodation are subsidized and very reasonable. All students must sign a lease agreement before they move in. Accommodation is only allocated for out of town students. Note: Students on short courses are not eligible for family accommodation.

For either housing option, you will need to complete and return an application for housing with your application.

At Aurora Campus, housing is limited and each year a priority list is established by program for housing.  Below is the program priority list for the 2014-15 academic year;

Aurora Campus

1. Enviroment and Natural Resources Technology

2. Personal Support Worker

3. Office Administration

4. All Access Programs

5. Developmental Studies

6. Short Term Trades Programming

Family Housing at Aurora Campus

Aurora Campus is pleased to offer Family Accommodations. These accommodations are provided to out-of-town, full-time students only. No accommodation is to be provided to local students, except in exceptional circumstances as approved by the Director of Student Services. Long-term students will have first priority to living accommodations. Students having outstanding accounts with the College will be refused accommodation at the discretion of the Finance Manager.

The college provides accommodation to out-of-town students with dependents, subject to availability.

The Family Housing Laundromat is located at 84 Kugmallit Road. Cost is $1.00 per load for wash and $1.00 per load for drying.

The cost to lease a family can vary. 

Single Housing at Aurora Campus

Single accommodations are located on the second and third floors of the Single Residence. All rooms are single with the basic furniture and bedding supplied. Students provide their own toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste etc.

For your safety and comfort we have hired Security/Custodians who will ensure that you are safe and will help in any way that they can. You will see at least one of these workers around the building everyday. If you have any questions, need something for your room, or are trying to locate staff, contact one of these people and they will help you. Security can be reached at 678-5240 or 678-5238

The cost for room and board is $7.00 per day in single residence. You will receive a swipe card for the front door and a bedroom key.
Use of the laundry facility is $1.25 per wash and $1.25 per dry.

Student Identification - Keep your student identification card with you at all times. Security will be requesting it as proof that you are allowed in residence. It also provides you with access to certain discounts at several businesses in town. For short courses, student identification is not required.

Student Lounge - Located on the first floor of the Single Residence is a lounge with a TV, VCR and comfortable seating. There is also a phone in this room

Rec Room - Located on the first floor of the Single Residence. This room has a fooze ball table, board games, TV for games.

Meals - Students will provide their own meals. You can bring your country foods. There are 4 kitchens, 2 located on the first and second floors. The kitchens are equiped with microwaves, stove, fridge and a freezer. Also provided are dishes, cultery, pots, pans, dishtowels, coffeepots, toaster, electric mixer and cleaning supplies.

Vending machines - there are two vending machines in the residence

Mail - you can be picked up at the main campus. The mailing address for students is:

Student Name
P.O. Box 1008
Inuvik, NT
X0E 0T0 





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