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Student Housing

Aurora College provides a limited supply of accommodations for both single students and for those with families. You should apply for accommodation when you apply to attend the College as housing allocations will be made starting April 1st.

On some of our campuses, housing is limited and each year a priority list is established by program for housing. Below is the program priority list for the 2014-15 academic year;

Yellowknife North Slave Campus

Thebacha Campus

Aurora Campus

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

1. Bachelor of Education

1.Enviroment and Natural Resources Technology

2. Social Work Diploma

2.Environment and Natural Resources Technology

2. Personal Support Worker

3. Personal Support Worker

3. Business Administration

3. Office Administration

4. Nursing Access

4. Office Administration

4. All Access Programs

5. Masters in Nursing

5. All Access Programs

5.Developmental Studies

6. LPN Bridging

6.Developmental Studies

6. Short Term Trades Programming

7. Business Administration

7. Short Term Trades Programming


8. All other Access Programs



9.Developmental Studies



Family accommodation is available on a limited basis. Full-time students registered in long-term programs have first priority for family accommodation. Housing will be assigned once you are registered for full-time study.


For availability and accommodation rate information, contact the Student Services Department at the campus or Community Learning Centre to which you are applying.

Each of our campuses offers slightly different services. Please visit each campus' Accommodation page for further information.

Download the Application for Accommodation PDF here


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