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Board of Governors 2014

Sydney O'Sullivan - Chairperson (South Slave Representative)
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

The majority of Sydney’s career has been spent working for GNWT in various forms of adult education and career development in Fort McPherson, Inuvik, and Fort Smith. Upon her retirement in 2008, she had been Regional Superintendent, Education, Culture and Employment for 10 years.

As a member of the South Slave Communities’ Learning Network, Sydney received the Premier’s Award of Excellence for innovative and collaborative programming with the South Slave Divisional Education Council and Thebacha Campus of Aurora College. Programming included, among other things, the Trades Awareness Programs for high school students and jointly funded adult educator positions.

Sydney has lived in the NWT for over 35 years most of which have been in Fort Smith. During her years working for the GNWT, Sydney travelled the South Slave and Deh Cho extensively. She served two terms on the board of the Northern Life Museum and Culture Centre in Fort Smith and contributed to its many community events.

Sydney obtained teacher certification at Simon Fraser University in BC. She has both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts.

Sydney believes the goal of all education should be to assist leaners develop strong critical thinking skills and confidence in their ability to learn.

David Miller- Chairperson, Policy & Programs Committee
Yellowknife Representative
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

David Miller comes to the Aurora College Board of Governors following a distinguished 25-year career at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where he was an award-winning radio journalist and documentary producer.  He is now a Yellowknife-based communications consultant who has lived in the community for 33 years.

David Miller is the holder of 26 national and international broadcasting awards.They include a Life-time Achievement Journalism Award from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum; two Gabriels (the Oscar of radio broadcasting); and an Adrienne Clarkson Diversity Award for inclusive, culturally sensitive programming.

David Miller has lived in Yellowknife since 1979.  He is a Lector and Welcomer at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church.  He is a member of the Yellowknife Association for Community Living, a former vice-chair of Yellowknife Community Services and a former vice-president of United Way of Yellowknife.

David Miller holds a B.A. in economics.  He was a 2000-2001Southern Journalism Fellow at Massey College, University of Toronto.

David Miller believes education must be 100 per cent student-centred, with all other considerations subordinated to that value.

Ethel Blondin-Andrew - Chairperson, Finance Committee

Sahtu Representative
Contact: ethel.blondin-andrew@auroracollege.nt.ca
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

Sydney Ethel Blondin-Andrew is a Dene leader who was born, raised and educated in the North.  She served the people of the Northwest Territories as Member of Parliament for the Western Arctic for 18 years and was appointed to Cabinet. Ethel was the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the House of Commons and to be a member of the Privy Council and federal Cabinet. She worked as Acting Director of the Public Service Commission of Canada, Assistant Deputy Minister of Culture and Communications with the GNWT, and as National Manger and Executive Director of Indigenous Development Programs. Prior to her political career, Ethel worked as a teacher, curriculum specialist and Aboriginal Language Specialist. She was one of the first accredited Aboriginal teachers in the North, receiving her diploma in Teacher Education from Arctic College (Aurora College) and her B.Ed from the University of Alberta.

Born in Tulita, she taught in Tuktoyaktuk, Deline and Fort Providence before working in Yellowknife. For the past 20 years, she has been based out of the Sahtu, heading the Sahtu Secretariat Inc., acting as Chief Negotiator and serving on many other committees and boards.

Ethel considers being a wife and mother among her most significant accomplishments. She is married with three children, who reside in Australia, New Zealand and Whitehorse.

“I am a big believer that the sky is the limit. It is never too late to do the right thing, to change and to continue to learn. It’s good for the body, soul and mind.”

Kathy Tsetso

Dehcho Region
Contact: kathy.tsetso@auroracollege.nt.ca
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

Kathy Tsetso’s relationship with Aurora College has come full circle with her appointment to the Board of Governors. Early in her distinguished career, she graduated with honours from the Arctic College (now Aurora College) Social Services program. She has served the citizens and communities of the South Slave and Dehcho regions for nearly four decades, 32 of those years as a GNWT employee.

Kathy has risen through the ranks, beginning as a nursing assistant and special needs assistant, and progressing to the positions of social worker, regional superintendent for GNWT Health & Social Services, and CEO of Health and Human Services for the Dehcho Region. She has served on numerous committees and boards throughout her career, including as an executive board member representing the NWT for both the Canadian Healthcare Association and the Child Welfare League of Canada. As well, she played a key role in developing and establishing the Dehcho Health and Human Services Authority.

Kathy is married to a Dehcho Dene, and has a large extended family throughout the NWT. Her son is also a graduate of Aurora College.

&ldquoKathy is passionate about lifelong learning. She believes that having a northern college promotes access to adults who want to attend post-secondary programs, which in helps the region’s economy and increases the number of residents qualified for employment and for leadership roles in the territory..”

Sheila O'Kane

Staff Representative
Contact: shelia.okane@auroracollege.nt.ca 
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

Sheila is a life-long learner (most recently auditing a Business Administration course on Personal Finance for Aurora College). Previously working for Aurora College as an adult educator in Whati, she returned last September as the campus counsellor for Aurora Campus. .

Sheila has degrees in both education and law. She also has training in mediation, conciliation and counselling. Sheila comes from a rural background and feels very much at home in the North.

When it comes to adult education Sheila is a firm believer that every instructor also needs to be an instructor of language. Borrowing from an old Daniel Fader quotation, one of her educational mantras is, ‘If language is the clothing of life, no one should be left to wander the world naked’.

Paul Andrew

Elder Representative
Contact: paul.andrew@auroracollege.nt.ca 
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

Paul Andrews comes to the Aurora College Board of Governors with 28 years with CBC North, retired; Former Vice President, Dene Nation; Former Chief Tulita.

He has received the Literacy Volunteer Award, National Aboriginal Achievement Award; and held a number of volunteer positions over years.

Paul is active in his community; he regularly visits the Aven Senior’s Homes, understands three Aboriginal languages and volunteers for Meals on Wheels.

Paul believes wisdom and knowledge is gained through the interaction with traditional and non-traditional education.

Geraldine Hunter

Student Representative
Contact: geraldine.hunter@myauroracollege.ca 
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

Geraldine has been employed in many fields, her last position in research publishing for a major bank on Bay Street in Toronto. She then did a 180 degree turn and now lives in Yellowknife. Currently she is looking to complete both a nursing degree and social work certification. At present, and aside from school, she is a case worker with an NGO in Yellowknife and has clients with varying degrees of mental illness. She also helps out with the Salvation Army Men’s Shelter and at the school library. ..

Excelling in academics is a point of pride for Geraldine who has overcome a lot of obstacles to get where she is in life and in school. Geraldine has developed some amazing friendships in the North and plans on planting roots here. She has three children who are all grown up and moved on allowing her to go back to school. Geraldine comes to us with a Certificate in Graphic Communications Production.

Geraldine’s personal philosophy I try to take advantage of any and all opportunities that come my way. To have the opportunity of getting a quality post-secondary education in a place I love to live. I was not able to complete my education previously. In order to advance my life and to make a new start in a career I always wanted, I needed the formal education Aurora College can offer me. I intend on taking full advantage of it!

Michael Lafferty

North Slave Representative
Contact: michael.lafferty@auroracollege.nt.ca 
Emails sent to this address will also be forwarded to the President of Aurora College.

Michael Lafferty is the self employed owner of Dene Electrical Ltd. out of Behchoko, NT. He has worked as a journeyman electrician in various communities throughout the North. Michael has served on the Behchoko Chamber of Commerce, Rae Edzo School Board, NWT apprenticeship, Rae Edzo Friendship Centre and Nunavut/NWT Friendship Centre..

In his own words. I believe education plays a very important role in our everyday lives. It is truly the required necessity tools to our future and our everyday lives. It is also a key part of our community, our future and all of our future generation. With education we will always tend to strive forward for a brighter future for all of our community and its citizens and all future generations..
Beaufort Delta Representative

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